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#11: Inflation is like your hidden tax.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

02:10  Spending is more fun than saving.

03:33  Don’t live below your means.

05:30  Why a “good rate of return” is not enough return for an investor.

07:18  Why millionaires will soon be poor people.

08:45  How currency inflation is invisible.

12:35  Why the stock market must hit all-time highs every day just for you to break even.

13:00  The Consumer Price Index (CPI).

14:47  Why the U.S. and most major nations want more inflation in the future.

15:55  The power of “tilting the chart”.

18:14  How you will beat inflation by understanding real estate leverage ratios.


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Consumer Price Index at

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#10: Vocabulary is key to advancing your investor life. It’s also important for attracting the right people so that you can form the right relationships.

Learn how these terms are defined in a clear way, used in an example, and also how you might use them in a sentence.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

02:16  Keith comes to you from Los Angeles, CA today. Many investing shows assume that you already know the “language of investing”. But if you don’t first learn these basic terms, you could get left behind. 

05:32  Arbitrage. 

07:37  Cash Flow. This includes the meaning and significance of “V-I-M-T-M”.

10:05  Cash-On-Cash Return.

11:39  Capitalization (Cap) Rate. This includes a key explanation of why Cap Rate does not include your mortgage cost.

16:28  Commercial Loan.

19:06  Dividend.

20:53  Equity.

21:37  FICO Score.

22:42  Inflation.

24:22  Interest, Interest Rate.

24:46  $K.

25:28  Liquid, Liquidity.

27:11  Superhero Syndrome.


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#9: Discover how to create another income stream with a durable asset like real estate in Memphis, Tennessee, and not have to do the work on your own.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

00:38  Most people only have one income stream in their life. Learn why to establish more than one.

01:57  Keith explains “turnkey real estate investing”.

03:37  Interview with Terry Kerr of Memphis, TN’s Mid South Home Buyers begins. 

05:30  Memphis, Tennessee’s economic and demographic makeup is what makes it a strong income real estate market. This is largely due to the fact that Memphis is the United States’ distribution hub.

08:16  The character of Memphis properties, and their rent-to-value ratios.

12:39  Availability of financing for Memphis turnkey properties.

13:50  Terry describes how there are efficiencies in having one company both provide and manage the property for investors.

16:04  The available inventory level of Memphis investment properties.

18:33  Tennessee’s Landlord-Tenant Law and how that is advantageous for out-of-area investors.

21:25  What makes for a good Property Manager is communication.

22:24  What gives Mid South Home Buyers a property management advantage is slightly below-market rents, better-condition homes, they do not charge the tenants an application fee, and they handle maintenance issues promptly. This attracts and retains higher quality tenants.

24:38  Current occupancy of the 875 houses in their management portfolio is 98.4%.

25:32  Mid South Home Buyers have an ongoing inspection schedule of their managed properties.

29:27  Terry states that the Property Manager is more important than the property itself.

31:12  Keith estimates how small the out-of-pocket costs are for an investor buying turnkey real estate in Memphis.

31:58  Mid South Home Buyers has warranties for investors on their turnkey properties.

32:50  Send Get Rich Education a message through our Facebook Page Messenger with what you most want to hear on future episodes. You can even tell us what you want us to ask guests.


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#8: Discover how to create another income stream with a durable asset like real estate, and not have to do the work on your own.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

01:37  How to put less than a 20% down payment on your primary residence, yet still pay zero direct PMI premium.

07:36  How Keith can make you a more successful investor than him, faster than him.

08:46  In real estate investing, the market is more important than the property.

11:22  Why to consider real estate investing outside of your home area – and how to find a trusted team to do all the work for you.

11:43  The real estate Rent-To-Value Ratio (RV Ratio) and its importance.

14:18  How to begin researching and identifying profitable real estate markets, and avoid riskier ones.

18:53  Income property investing is based on facts, not feelings.

21:05  Memphis, TN - Its geographic significance to real estate investors.

25:06  Philadelphia, PA – Keith’s recent on-the-street observations in this turnkey real estate market.

31:52  Philippines – Keith’s on-the-ground real estate observations in Asia lend perspective to US income property investing and the importance of having a connected team.

34:44  In the next episode, Keith will start connecting you to his team in a profitable US real estate market.


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#7: Get Rich Education’s inaugural interview is with world-renowned economist, author, consultant, and speaker Richard Duncan.

He informs us that economic growth is no longer driven by production expansion, but rather by credit expansion.

Richard looks into his crystal ball. He tells us what to expect for 2015 and 2016 with respect to the stock market and the economy.

Richard has kindly provided Get Rich Education listeners with a 50% discount to his Macro Watch video newsletter. Use the Coupon Code “gre”.

Learn more about Richard Duncan and subscribing to his video newsletter, Macro Watch,at:

00:50  Keith will tell us how to avoid directly paying Private Mortgage Insurance on your home in the next episode.

03:52 Richard Duncan interview begins.

06:31  Today’s economy works completely different than what is in our textbooks.

07:34  Economic growth is no longer driven by investment and savings, but rather credit creation and consumption.

09:56  Since 1952, 2%+inflation-adjusted credit growth is necessary in the US to avoid recession.

12:20  If you want to invest wisely, you have to understand that the government now manages our economy.

13:56  Prospects for inflation and deflation.

19:48  Richard provides his economic outlook for 2015 and 2016. It includes predictions about the stock market and quantitative easing.

22:30  Opinion and commentary about real estate and real assets as investment. Why homes with land are better investments than condominiums.

24:40  Richard discusses how a 25-year-old investing enthusiast should think and act today.

31:31  U.S. government money could be better used on new industries and technologies.

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#6: Would you rather be debt-free or financially-free?

Did you know that for most people with home mortgages, their approach to home equity management actually prevents them from being financially free?

In this no-holds barred episode, which includes material that has shocked some of Keith’s students, your paradigm with what you thought was true about money management can shift dramatically. 

Homes are for housing people. Not storing cash. 

Opportunity cost is opportunity lost. 

Learn about one of the greatest under-utilizations of using OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY in order to achieve the freedom that you and your loved ones seek. 

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#5: You cannot get what you want until you know what you want. One way to know what’s important to you, is how you feel when that “something” is taken away. 

In real estate investing, the property is not nearly the most important thing. 

This episode is a valuable tool in determining what really matters in life to you and your loved ones. 

Real estate isn’t ultimately what you want. It is merely a resource and a means to get more of what you want.

Find meaning and laugh along with some funny plays on words! 

Learn that you should always be a student.  

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#4: We answer your listener questions, including:

“How do I begin real estate investing with little or no money?”

“What are your tips for starting a business?”

“How do I increase income on an existing rental property?”

Next, is the classic showdown. Which is the better asset class – Stocks or Real Estate? We list fifteen key criteria, comparing stocks and real estate, and see which asset class wins more of the fifteen rounds in this heavyweight face-off!

Especially insightful is Keith’s description of how using a loan in real estate investing hedges one against inflation over the long-term. 

Real estate’s stability as an asset class is featured as one distinct advantage. It includes a fascinating explanation as to why stability provides you with better returns than volatility.

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#3: You are delivered some of the best moments and most actionable content from the 40th New Orleans Investment Conference, billed as “The Investment Event Of The Decade”. 

The conference featured luminaries on the speaker marquis including Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, prominent columnist Charles Krauthammer, one of the world’s greatest living economists in Mark Skousen, incomparable economist and author Peter Schiff, and financial research guru Porter Stansberry. 

You are provided information and ideas on specific investments that Keith learned about directly. 

In the show’s second segment, you learn how real estate investing is only one part of real ASSET investing. Real estate investing is about more than apartment buildings. Real asset investing is aboutmore than real estate. 

You learn about why gold and other precious metals have value. 

Your compelling “why” is answered with regard to the advantages of investing in something real vs. investing in a mere derivative of something real. 

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#2: They say, "Work smarter, not harder." But are you thinking about this popular saying in the right way? Are you applying it to enough facets of your life - the ones that matter?

Though it is not intuitive, learn more about how debt can be good. Yes, debt can be good! It can help you work smarter, not harder, and eventually not have to work at all.

I shamelessly share some of my funny mistakes with you that I made as a beginner - as a largely uneducated real estate investor.

Learn why "Doing the right thing" is more important than "Doing things right" as you continue to develop your fixed mindset and transform it into a growth mindset. Wire your mind for wealth!

When you're doing the right thing, you make money follow you. Most people spend their lives chasing money. That's not working smarter, it's only working harder.

Don't chase dollars. When you learn how to make them follow you, you have become a master of money.

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#1: The wealthy think differently than you do.

In this episode, you learn about how those who spend more of their time & effort making lifestyle sacrifices to the downside, leave neither resources nor opportunity to learn about how to expand their thoughts and lifestyles to the upside.

You begin to learn what the wealthy never told you about investing!

Well...why won't they tell you?

It's not that they won't. It is that you aren't even associating with the wealthy. That's why you haven't been told.

You learn that you are the average of the five people that you spend the most time with. Your income is also the average of the five people that you spend the most time with.

Listen how, in just about thirty minutes of episode time, you can begin to dramatically alter your thought patterns. Only when you lay out the welcome mat for wealth...can wealth can being appearing at your door.

It starts in the mind. You need to think differently.

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