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#3: You are delivered some of the best moments and most actionable content from the 40th New Orleans Investment Conference, billed as “The Investment Event Of The Decade”. 

The conference featured luminaries on the speaker marquis including Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, prominent columnist Charles Krauthammer, one of the world’s greatest living economists in Mark Skousen, incomparable economist and author Peter Schiff, and financial research guru Porter Stansberry. 

You are provided information and ideas on specific investments that Keith learned about directly. 

In the show’s second segment, you learn how real estate investing is only one part of real ASSET investing. Real estate investing is about more than apartment buildings. Real asset investing is aboutmore than real estate. 

You learn about why gold and other precious metals have value. 

Your compelling “why” is answered with regard to the advantages of investing in something real vs. investing in a mere derivative of something real. 

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#2: They say, "Work smarter, not harder." But are you thinking about this popular saying in the right way? Are you applying it to enough facets of your life - the ones that matter?

Though it is not intuitive, learn more about how debt can be good. Yes, debt can be good! It can help you work smarter, not harder, and eventually not have to work at all.

I shamelessly share some of my funny mistakes with you that I made as a beginner - as a largely uneducated real estate investor.

Learn why "Doing the right thing" is more important than "Doing things right" as you continue to develop your fixed mindset and transform it into a growth mindset. Wire your mind for wealth!

When you're doing the right thing, you make money follow you. Most people spend their lives chasing money. That's not working smarter, it's only working harder.

Don't chase dollars. When you learn how to make them follow you, you have become a master of money.

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#1: The wealthy think differently than you do.

In this episode, you learn about how those who spend more of their time & effort making lifestyle sacrifices to the downside, leave neither resources nor opportunity to learn about how to expand their thoughts and lifestyles to the upside.

You begin to learn what the wealthy never told you about investing!

Well...why won't they tell you?

It's not that they won't. It is that you aren't even associating with the wealthy. That's why you haven't been told.

You learn that you are the average of the five people that you spend the most time with. Your income is also the average of the five people that you spend the most time with.

Listen how, in just about thirty minutes of episode time, you can begin to dramatically alter your thought patterns. Only when you lay out the welcome mat for wealth...can wealth can being appearing at your door.

It starts in the mind. You need to think differently.

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