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#120: One of the few coastal markets where you can find cash flow is Jacksonville, Florida.

Fortune 500 companies, the military, and the seaport support this market, not tourism.

Learn about investing in these single-family homes with two and three-year leases, how unscrupulous management companies can manipulate you, and how to protect your cash flow.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

00:54  Don’t follow money. Make money follow you.

03:31  Have a sound strategy. Don’t “throw darts at a map”.

04:02  In real estate investing, your team of pros (Property Manager) could be more important than the geographic market itself.

05:01  Gregg Cohen interview begins.

06:29  Cash flow in a coastal market?

08:04  Population growth, business sectors and industry. Amazon.

11:31  Jacksonville is younger than the rest of Florida. Age 35 vs. 42.

12:27  Panama Canal expansion and Jacksonville.

14:59  Property Management: How some companies manipulate you with 1-year leases.

20:46  2-year and 3-year leases as “the norm.”

24:42  Renovation & management companies have the same ownership. Communication.

29:15  How to protect your cash flow amount.

30:40  3 bedroom, 4 bedroom, and 5 bedroom single-family homes. Screening tenants.

33:54  Florida Landlord-Tenant Law.

35:16  Property improvements.

38:10  Hurricanes and Jacksonville.

40:05  Rent-to-price ratio.

41:04  Minimum investment to get started, current inventory.

42:17  As a new client, provider pays up to $1,000 for your Jacksonville trip.

45:00  Our guest wrote three great Jacksonville turnkey RE investing reports you can get at:


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