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#154: After you have 10 financed residential properties and you want more, we discuss your options.

These Specialty Loan Products are exciting. Example: 25% down, 5.9% interest rate today, 30-year amortization.

We learn this today from Ridge Lending Group President and CEO Caeli Ridge after she first reviews qualification criteria for the first 10.

I also discuss a simple way for you to increase your Cash-On-Cash Return with no extra money out of your pocket.

We discuss what’s changed with qualification requirements for your debt-to-income ratio, reserves, LLCs, liquidity, cash-out refinance limits and more.

I bring you today’s show from San Jose, Costa Rica.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

01:17  How to increase your Cash-On-Cash Return.

03:42  High closing cost states: TX, FL, northeastern states. Low closing costs: MO, IN, AZ, AL.

07:11  Conventional loans: DTI 50% max., LLC change, liquidity, reserves.

15:14  Interest rates.

17:02  Cash-out refinance limits.

21:50  Specialty Loan Products (beyond 10 financed properties): 25% down, 30-year fixed amortization, 5.9% interest rate today (wow!), no limit to the number of properties, discount points.

27:18  Foreign buyers: 7.99% rate today, 5-year ARM, 30-year amortization.

29:03  Your tax return.

30:31  Today’s lending environment.

32:43 specializes in your income property loan qualification.

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