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#211: Learn from Rich Dad Real Estate Advisor Ken McElroy.

We discuss debt mindset, cash flow, how to manage your team, how to vet property managers and contractors, screen tenants, how to avoid bad partnerships.

Ken owns $1 Billion worth of apartments.

He needs to place $70M-$80M worth of cash soon, and trade $300M of real estate the next three months.

Don’t say: “I can’t afford it.” Ask: “How can I afford it?”

Your financial income will never exceed your self-concept.

Overcoming your aversion to debt leads to wealth.

Cash flow vs. capital gains investing discussed.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

03:55 Mindset and self-concept.

09:05 Debt.

13:20 Cash flow vs. capital gains.

20:20 Paying taxes.

25:45 Partnerships: business, contractors, tenants, PMs, employees.

29:50 How to vet a Property Manager.

32:45 Vetting contractors.

37:52 Screening tenants.

39:40 Ken’s instructional videos at

Resources mentioned:

Ken’s website:

Book: The Power Of Now

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Cash Flow Banking:

Turnkey RE:


Find Properties:

GRE Book:

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