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Housing intelligence analyst Rick Sharga joins us. 

Learn about: plummeting home sales, delinquency and foreclosure rates, future home prices, interest rate direction, housing demographics, builder incentives to buyers, lender repossessions, and homeowner equity levels.

I ask Rick: “Is a home price crash imminent?”

70% of mortgage borrowers have an interest rate of 4% or lower. They’re rarely motivated sellers.

America should have a housing shortage for at least 5 to 10 more years.

FHA borrowers are exhibiting financial distress. Overall, delinquency and foreclosure rates are low.

We discuss recession prospects, and what will happen when student loans must be repaid.

Home prices are stable or should increase modestly in many areas of the Midwest and Southeast.

Home price declines should continue in: many western US areas, high-end homes, and Zoomtowns. They could correct 10% in California.

Today, you can get mortgage rates in the 5s on new-build income property. 

How? With builder incentives for buyers, especially in Florida, at Want free coaching?

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