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#63: Hear Keith’s latest media appearance. He is interviewed about how he got started in real estate, his investing strategy, and where Keith invests geographically.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

01:46  Keith brings you the show from near Philadelphia, PA today.

02:04  Be grateful this holiday season.

07:03  Keith Weinhold Interview begins.

08:22  Keith’s first-ever real estate purchase was an Anchorage, Alaska four-plex building.

09:57  To change yourself, change who you spend time with.

11:28  Don’t follow money. Make money follow you and live where you want.

12:37  How to begin exactly how Keith did.

19:40  Using equity from one four-plex to buy a second four-plex.

22:13  Real estate markets dependent upon oil.

24:00  Foreign turnkey real estate with cash flow.

33:28  Open up your time so that you can be a great investor.

36:42  Opportunity cost.

37:25  The real tragedy of self-management is that you’ve lost your time.

38:48  Be financially free, not debt free.

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