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#96: Keith’s story about starting in real estate, how to think abundantly, and leveraging the efforts of others to create wealth for yourself. Keith is interviewed by Kathy Fettke.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

03:20  Before you expand, appreciate what you already have.

05:44  Avoid the crowd constantly focused on “spending less.” They live half-dead.

08:41  An inspirational Dale Partridge quote to live by.

12:19  Starting big. Most people move & follow the money. Instead, make money follow you this way.

14:03  Buying a four-plex: 3.5% down, 12 months owner-occupy, minimum 580 FICO score.

15:51  Utilizing other people’s money.

18:26  Compound interest is lame and slow. Here’s why.

22:28  Don’t be debt free. Be financially free.

23:56  In RE investing, the property is only the fourth most important thing.

24:50  Here’s how Keith expanded his real estate portfolio with other people’s money.

27:30  Investment RE markets in Dallas-Fort Worth, and Anchorage, AK.

29:43  Value your time.

33:57  A bar of iron costs $5. What will you turn it into?


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