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#25: There aren’t many famous real estate investors. There’s Barbara Corcoran, Donald Trump, Ted Turner, and today’s guest…Ken McElroy.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

02:00  Keith cannot think of a greater contributor to real estate investing education this generation than Ken McElroy.

04:04  Last month, Robert Kiyosaki, Ken, and Keith were in the same room when Robert dubbed Ken McElroy “The Greatest Real Estate Investor In The World Today.”

05:08  Ken began in real estate as a Seattle property manager.

08:12  RE agents often don’t own investment real estate and they try to “sell buyers on the future.” Instead, use a Property Manager to find what rents really will be.  

11:30  Buy investment real estate for cash flow rather than capital gains.

13:23  “Real estate is really dumb and it moves slow.” Buy where the jobs are going to be.

15:40  How Ken looks for opportunity in a new purchase.

16:50  When Ken would want to buy a vacant four-plex rather than an occupied one.

20:18  Actionable ways to add value to multifamily properties.

25:30  How large of a property does it take for on-site property management to make sense?

27:47  How Ken beats out other offers for a property that he wants to buy.

31:28  The time and freedom that real estate investing affords Ken’s family.

32:46  The advice that today’s Ken McElroy would provide to a 20-year-old Ken McElroy.


Resources mentioned: - Online video tutorials from Ken!

Ken McElroy’s top-selling book The ABCs of Real Estate Investing

Robert Kiyosaki’s new book Second Chance

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