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#98: Turn your $100K into $300K over five years with five turnkey income properties. See exactly how. Also, Cap Rate, Cash-On-Cash Return, and Equity Management are explored.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

01:03  Special technique to help you get more rent for your property.

04:37  How to add value to a multifamily property via NOI and Cap Rate.

08:58  Cap Rates versus Cash-On-Cash Return.

11:51  Neighborhood character affecting valuation.

13:50  How to create wealth with five turnkey properties over five years.

21:24  Amazon lockers are changing apartment buildings and consumer behaviors.

25:02  Keith’s HELOC application was denied! Details.

27:02  Earthquakes. The return from home equity is zero.

31:29  The borrower is in control of a loan, not the lender.

32:22  Why “Live Below Your Means” Is Bad Advice.

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