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#102: Hardship in your life changes your mindset, goal, timetable, and your investing risk tolerance.

It changes how your think about your “Return On Time Invested.” Meet Ben Leybovich.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

03:39  Ben Leybovich Interview begins.

05:30  Ben is diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

07:40  A process of elimination brings Ben to real estate investing.

11:08  Emotional investing.

14:20  Unlike Keith, Ben self-manages his properties. He uses

16:40  ROI.

30:18  Cash flow rises faster than inflation when you’re leveraged.

32:45  Guesswork - rent escalators, fixed mortgage interest rate duration.

33:43  Real estate environment in 2016.

36:50  Ben likes buying “below market.” Underwrite to fundamentals.

39:26  Regional housing markets.

44:19  Ten years ago, U.S. housing prices were 24% higher than today, adjusted for inflation.


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