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#111: Looking for passive income but can’t find an attractive real estate deal in today’s climate?

Invest with a trusted, savvy investor that’s an expert in identifying profitable apartment building deals for others.

Dave Zook, Founder Of The Real Asset Investor, has a remarkable track record of providing reliable returns to investors.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

05:05  Entering real estate for tax mitigation reasons.

07:40  Rich Dad influence.

09:15  Many wealthy people are willing to invest in 1% yield CDs!

11:26  Planting the seeds of real estate syndication. How to stay in the “deal flow.”

12:57  The people are more important than the product. Which people are “real” and which are not?

15:45  Multifamily property in Memphis.

20:03  Forced appreciation.

22:31  Dave is successful because he considers his investors’ need, not his need.

24:08  Value-add property improvements include a high-tech video surveillance system.

26:26  Dave’s investors benefit in ways that direct investors don’t.

28:38  Dave puts his own “skin-in-the-game” alongside his investors. He has a vested interest in property performance.

30:05  Investors paid quarterly: 8-11% Cash-On-Cash Return. High teens to 25%+ Internal Rate Of Return.

31:44  Taxes. Accelerated depreciation (from Cost Segregation) gets passed along to each investor.   

33:41  Annual investor barbecue.

35:03  Win a free real estate field trip to Memphis or Belize at

36:14  Advantages to investing in a trusted expert’s syndication.


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