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You can afford an $8M apartment building. Perhaps you just haven’t really asked: “How?”

The answer: syndication.

Today’s guests are The Real Estate Guys, Robert Helms and Russell Gray. They’ve had a profound influence on me.

If you’re an active real estate investor with some experience, caught the real estate bug, and want to go full-time, Robert and Russ are masters at helping you go bigger, faster with syndication.

You can aggregate other investors’ money to buy a deal that you could not afford on your own, like a large apartment building, self-storage unit, or car wash.

You must find both deals and investors.

Syndicators must follow SEC rules.

When you find a deal, the numbers must work for investors. But it helps that your project has a deeper story and meaning. Russell Gray provides an example.

The Real Estate Guys Radio Show - Real Estate Investing Education for Effective Action

Twice annually, they host the live, in-person Secrets Of Successful Syndication event.

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