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#222: Learn how to reduce vacancy and turnover cost in your property.

Nationally, the rental vacancy rate is between 7% and 8%.

If you increase occupancy from 90% up to 94%, that’s just 4%. But this could boost your CASH FLOW 20%.

Increase occupancy by avoiding properties with functional obsolescence.

Avoid high turnover cost by owning 1,500 sf single-family homes, not 2,800 sf homes.

Learn more about investing in northwest Indiana’s 1% rent-to-value ratio turnkey property at

Learn how to fit the property to the tenant.

Find the best questions to ask both turnkey sellers and property managers.


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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

02:52 How to find area vacancy rates.

04:01 How to reduce vacancy with your lease agreement.

05:18 Importance of occupancy.

09:45 How to start right.

10:50 Avoiding functional obsolescence.

13:42 Avoiding larger SFHs.

18:18 Remodeling trends.

20:45 Handling late rent payments.

22:30 Tenant-property fit.

26:22 Best questions to ask a turnkey seller.

28:56 How to interview a Property Manager.

35:16 Geographic arbitrage in northwest Indiana, “Chicagoland”.

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